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8 oz Toasted Vanilla Bag

Sale price$16.00

Elevate your snack game with sprouted walnuts, the ultimate choice for holistic health. These powerhouse nuts not only enhance brain function, but also promote cardiovascular wellness and contribute to a balanced gut, making them a delicious and nutritious option for anyone prioritizing their well-being.

Looking for that extra boost in your pantry? Sprouted walnuts are raw, living foods that are vegan, keto, and paleo friendly. Full of critical amino acids and macronutrients, sprouted walnuts pack all the punch of regular walnuts with the added benefit of having less tannins and increased available nutrients. Always gluten and dairy free!

This lightly sweetened bag of sprouted walnuts leaves the buttery & warm flavor of the nut forward on the palette with just a lingering hint of sweetness on the back end. It is the perfect healthy snack for the sweet-tooth who is looking to satisfy a desire without the guilt.

This is an 8 oz bag of infused sprouted walnuts.

Toasted Vanilla ingredients: sprouted walnuts, brown sugar, whiskey (non-alcoholic), salt, vanilla extract, liquid smoke.

8 oz Toasted Vanilla Bag
8 oz Toasted Vanilla Bag Sale price$16.00