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8 oz Classic Bag

Sale price$14.00

This half-pound bag (8 oz) is what we sell in grocery stores and farmer's markets. It has been called the gateway into the healthiest addiction you'll ever have. 😋 IYKYK!

When it comes to snacks that excel in nourishing your body, sprouted walnuts take the lead with their unparalleled benefits for the brain, heart, and gut. With each bite, you're fueling your mind with essential nutrients, fortifying your heart, and fostering a healthy digestive system—a winning combination for overall well-being.

Curious about delectable sprouted walnuts but not quite ready to go in on a subscription box? 

Our classic sprouted walnuts are straight-forward: just a bag of sprouted walnuts. This allows the full buttery-warm flavors of the walnut to really emerge, giving a satistfying crunch to a healthy snack.

Delicately handled and never heated above 105 degrees, our sprouted walnuts retain their vitality and nutritional richness while being gluten, dairy, and sugar-free. They are also vegan-friendly and fit seamlessly into keto and paleo lifestyles, making them a guilt-free and nourishing snack choice.

Ingredients (Classic): sprouted walnuts.


8 oz Classic Bag
8 oz Classic Bag Sale price$14.00