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8 oz Salt + Vinegar Bag

Sale price$16.00

Calling all snacking rebels! Get your crunch on with something different – 8oz of Salt + Vinegar flavored sprouted walnuts. Forget boring snack routines, these vegan and keto-friendly munchies will keep your taste buds entertained and your tummy happy. Get ready for an adventure in flavor for your next snack time!

Treat your taste buds to a snacky adventure with 8 oz Salt + Vinegar! Our deliciously crunchy walnuts are sprouted and infused in salty, tangy vinegar for a snack that's walnut-forward, but not too heavy. Stay healthy and snacky with this bio-available delight-- Yum!

With a commitment to preserving peak nutrition, our sprouted walnuts are kept raw and alive, free from gluten, dairy, and sugar, making them suitable for vegan diets. They are also a perfect fit for keto and paleo enthusiasts, offering a delicious and nutritious snack option without compromising dietary preferences.

Ingredients: sprouted walnuts, Himalayan pink salt, distilled white vinegar

8 oz Salt + Vinegar Bag
8 oz Salt + Vinegar Bag Sale price$16.00