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Sprouted Walnut Butter (8 oz)

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This delicious spread is packed with flavor --a little bit goes a long way. Each jar is 8 oz and only has three ingredients: sprouted walnuts, a dollop of organic honey, and a pinch of salt. Because there are no additives or conditioners, the oils naturally separate so give it a gentle stir before use.

Sprouted walnut butter is brimming with unique flavor. While it is delicious on toast, it is more accoutrement than condiment. As a topping to pumpkin bread or brownies, it is magic. Healthy snacks have found their answer, and sprouted walnut butter is a superfood that is sure to delight kids and grown-ups alike. Elevate your pantry with a jar of sprouted walnut butter!

Unlike peanut butter or almond butter from most manufacturers, there is nothing on the label that requires a dictionary--this is straightforward goodness, from our farm to your doorstep.

This sprouted walnut butter is a fantastic way to get the crucial nutrients your body needs in a delicious spread. 

Ingredients: sprouted walnuts, organic honey, salt.