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8 oz Salty Goodness Bag

Sale price$16.00

You just met your new favorite snack.

This is nature at its absolute finest: the perfect nexus of delectable flavor and premium nutrition. 

With a flavor so bold to keep you coming back again and again, it's shocking that there are only three ingredients in this mix (and all of them are real ingredients). It's deceptively simple. If you're one of those scrappy homesteader types, you'll fall into the trap of seeing its simplicity and mistaking it for repeatability. But after you've come up against a wall enough times, you'll begin to think that what is in this bag is only explainable as pure magic. 

Trust us, it isn't, but we're glad to have you back as a relapsed health-snack junkie. Welcome. We are your people.

Ingredients: sprouted walnuts, salt, nutritional yeast.

8 oz Salty Goodness Bag
8 oz Salty Goodness Bag Sale price$16.00